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Intaractive DJ

AREA909 is an interactive DJ unit comprised of multiple musicians and visual artists. Based in Amsterdam and Tokyo, AREA909 travels these two countries extensively to put on exciting and interactive musical events centered on visuals, live performances, live DJing, and on-the-fly track producing to create a truly unique and immersive experience for audience members.

AREA909 incorporates characters and different personalities into their live events, to help create a unique experience for audiences throughout Amsterdam and Japan. These characters are played by members of AREA909 and help to create the visuals and melodies that come to life throughout a live AREA909 performance.

The main goal of AREA909 is to collaborate with the audience through a highly immersive and experiential song-making process. Live musicians, DJs, and visual artists combine to create a music creation event that audience members can contribute to as well. The goal of an AREA 909 performance is to include the audience as much as possible, so that they, too become the music-makers.



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